Get to know us a little more…

The story of us began in a raw food kitchen.  How we came together was simply a love for being in the kitchen and the desire to work with wholesome food. Our worlds first collided while working in a raw food kitchen. Working together, we quickly realized that we shared the same passion for working with organic, whole foods. We found it fascinating that you could take just a few simple raw ingredients and turn it into a something so delicious. But it wasn't just the recipes that we were mesmerized by, our bodies were loving it to! Seeing the impact the food was having on our bodies led us to wanting to explore more about whole foods and the power of food. In September 2014, we enrolled ourselves in the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Now being registered holistic nutritionists, we have decided to share our knowledge through what we love doing most …creating wholesome, alive, organic recipes!